Highlight Reel: Week III

Day camp children in a circle smiling

Another fabulous week at Camp Pinebrook has flown by! We are excited to share some highlights in our weekly highlight reel:

  • Campers showed off their dancing moves with Rabbi Jesse, who taught everyone classics like the Hokey Pokey and Chickaboom!

  • Creating and consuming refreshing fizzy lemonade in Discovery!

  • Building animal puppets and sculptures in Art!

  • Making cucumber caterpillars and melon kites in Cooking!

  • Plus all our usual sports and swimming and, in true Camp Pinebrook fashion, singing and silliness!

Shabbat Shalom, and stay tuned for pics and posts from our Western themed week 4 !!

Camp Pinebrook, Reform Day Camp, and Audacious Hospitality

Camp Pinebrook is Reform Judaism’s only day camp located in the NYC Metro Area.  We are proud to be founded by Temple Israel of New Rochelle and excited to support the Reform community and progressive values honoring the diversity that is part of Judaism today.

We have built a home for our campers where they live our values of community, compassion, loving kindness, respect, and healing the world.  Camp Pinebrook imbues a safe, nurturing home where children can explore and grow.  We see campers learning how to swim who, on the first day, were scared to put their head in the water.  Success is seeing our campers loving Judaism, singing our songs and prayers at morning “Boker Tov”, lunch time, and throughout the day.  So many parents comment how they love that their kids are learning modern Jewish music that is similar to the songs that overnight camps are singing.

Being Reform means the Judaism is ever-evolving and that every person has his, her, or one’s own right to decide how to live Jewishly.  The Jewish community is diverse and beautiful.  Our campers and their families include an array of nationalities, races, and family structures.  We pride ourselves that all of our campers feel loved and appreciated here at Camp Pinebrook.

We have seen that there is a need for a small intimate program that brings forth progressive Jewish living, a place where campers learn about being Jewish in a language that reflects their identity and understanding in the world. Camp Pinebrook is where we strive to role model being a mensch, an ethical and kind person.  We believe that our community at Camp Pinebrook enriches the diverse fabric of Jewish opportunities and experiences for children ages 4-8 in the Westchester and NYC area.

Girl with paint on face and hands Four kids jumping in field

Faces at Camp Pinebrook Feature: Introducing Gail

Camp Pinebrook’s own medical professional, known affectionately as Nurse Gail, is a friendly face campers see all around Pinebrook — popping into bunks and activities to check in, always at lunch, and otherwise in her well equipped office for any medical concerns or minor boo boos around the clock.

Here are a few fun things to know about the capable and very experienced nurse who is here to take care of your children:

  1. Nurse Gail is incredibly experienced — she’s a veteran RN who has been practicing for 45 years!
  2. During the rest of the year Gail can be found taking care of children at a local elementary school in Mt. Vernon.  She tends to children there from kindergarten all the way to 7th grade.
  3. A New Yorker through and through, Gail was born in the Bronx and has lived in NY her whole life.
  4. Nurse Gail is also Grandma Gail!  One of her favorite things to do is enjoy hugs with her four grandchildren, and they also all love to bake cakes together.
  5. In her spare time, Gail is quite crafty, enjoying knitting and crocheting whenever the time allows.