The Staff Experience

Camp Pinebrook is a special place where we create a nurturing and supportive environment that helps our campers grow.  Our philosophy is to live by the values of community, teamwork, respect, encouragement, and compassion each and every day at camp.  We use these core values to shape how we lead, deal with behavior management, as well as mentor our staff. Camp Pinebrook helps our campers gain self-esteem and build social connections.

As a staff member, you have a special responsibility and opportunity to inspire and care for campers. At Camp Pinebrook, our camp environment is intimate, where we know each other’s names and care about everyone in our community. We have ample staff to ensure you will be properly supported as you help create a successful experience for our campers and their families.

Join our “Camp Pinebrook family,” where we form incredible bonds that last a lifetime. If you are interested in a rewarding summer filled with adventure, hard work, teammates, and fun then Camp Pinebrook is the place for you!