Job Descriptions

  • Counselor

    Age 16 and older are eligible to apply. Counselors spend the day with their bunk groups, supervising, modeling participation, and supporting campers at all activities. Counselors have the opportunity to work extended-hours child care.

  • Activity Specialist

    Trained professional who has experience leading youth programs in their activity.  Will lead groups of up to 35 students (with counselor help) for 45 minute periods.

    • Sports
    • Arts
    • Drama
    • Tumble and Yoga
    • Martial Arts
    • Dance
    • Cooking
    • Music/Song Leader
    • Nature
    • Science and Discovery
  • Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

    American Red Cross trained in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers (CPR needs yearly renewal), and First Aid for Professional Rescuer (2-year renewal).  Will be leading personal swim instruction with campers, lifeguarding free-swim, helping keep the pool area well maintained, and will also have general camp duties as needed. Lifeguards must be in the pool during instruction with campers.

  • Swim Director

    Must be 21 years old or older.  Swim Director ensures a high-quality Red Cross swim education program is executed throughout the summer, and that the pools are in compliance with all rules and regulations of the Department of Health, ACA, and American Red Cross. Oversees a lifeguard team of 7-10. Evaluates camper swim levels, and implements systems to ensure safety of all persons at the pool.  Must be up-to-date in all lifeguard training (see above lifeguard/swim instructor). Responsible for managing basic maintenance and cleaning of pool area.

  • Camp Nurse

    RPN required.  The camp nurse is responsible for treating minor injuries, dispensing medication, responding to medical issues and emergencies on site, keeping proper medical records, communicating with parents, and ensuring health and safety of campers and staff according to American Camping Association and Health Department rules and regulations.

  • Office Administrator (Summer Only)

    Answer phone calls, maintains attendance records, coordinate transportation reports, make copies, respond to emails, responsible for internal communications (such as flyers) and daily camp operations (data processing, updating documents, and assisting directors as needed). Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

  • Photographer/Videographer

    Has to experience in photography and videography and knows how to edit photos and video.  Will be responsible for adding daily photo updates to the website for parents (by bunks), and will help with newsletter, website and other public relations needs related to photography. This person should be able to be physically active most of the day.

  • Social Media & PR Intern

    Responsible for daily parent update, weekly newsletter, website blog, and other forms of social media. Partners with photographer to edit and organize photos so that photos are organized and presented by bunk groups.

  • Allergy Specialist / Nutritionist

    Responsible for ensuring that all campers, regardless of their dietary requirements, can have safe meals and be fully immersed in camp life.  Works closely with kitchen staff and camp nurse to monitor that camper needs are proactively handled. Will be in regular communication with parents, and have a deep knowledge related to children’s allergies and dietary needs.

  • Preschool Unit Head

    Works with counselors and specialists to develop a junior camp incorporating industry best practices, and works with specialists to create appropriate curriculum for our youngest campers.

  • Program Director

    Extensive camping experience required. Supervises specialists and activities. Responsible for all camp-wide programming. Preferred degree in elementary or early childhood education, and is creative.