Value of the Week: RESPECT

As we are concluding week five, we at Camp Pinebrook have been focused on our weekly value: respect.  All week long, counselors and staff have been emphasizing the importance of showing honor, admiration, and regard for others.  Campers have been exploring ways to demonstrate respect, whether it be for one another in their bunks, to the counselors and other support staff, and at home with their families.

This Friday the Values Olympics will be focused on respect, and we are looking forward to seeing the ways in which our creative campers demonstrate this core value as they participate in activities and exercises.

 After our Olympics, we will gather as a community for our weekly Oneg Shabbat.  Together with the clergy from Temple Israel of New Rochelle, Camp Pinebrook campers and staff will make traditional blessings for candles, challah, and grape juice and sing songs welcoming the Sabbath.  Rabbi Jesse’s d’var Torah will be centered on the theme of respect and together as a community we will enjoy snacks and more songs.  Shabbat Shalom!