Staff Announcement #1: Nate Boekman

 After a long autumn of planning, talking, and hoping, Camp Pinebrook is proud to announce that Nate Boekman will be returning for the 2020 season, his second with us! From Scarsdale, you might remember Nate from last summers Lod Lions, or as one of our amazing bus captains! Nate is currently attending school up at Buffalo University, and said the weather at school makes him miss camp even more!

Throughout 2019 Nate consistently lived the values of Camp Pinebrook. He was compassionate, kind, caring, fun and patient, taking a personal interest in every camper. He took pride in their growth and did everything he could to facilitate it. We couldn’t be happier to have him back. When asked about his 2019 Staff Experience and what he would like future Pinebrook staff members to know, Nate had this to say.

“I would tell new staff that this camp will give them so much more than a summer job! The kids at Camp Pinebrook are so much fun to work with and at the same that you teach the campers, they can teach you a lot too! Also you get so much satisfaction and gratification from working with these amazing, funny, and genuine kids…….and an excellent staff to worth with!!”