Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat is a very special part of Camp Pinebrook’s week, and we are so excited to introduce our campers to our traditions this week at our very first Shabbat of the summer.
Shabbat at Camp Pinebrook features music, singing, dancing, and, of course, yummy challah and grape juice.  Each Friday features a Values Olympics, and we are starting the summer with our Community Olympics.  Campers will compete in various activities and sports all designed to emphasize and build the importance of community, a central tenant and one of the core values at Camp Pinebrook.  
For any campers or families not familiar with the Jewish Sabbath, Shabbat (beginning on Friday at sunset and lasting until sundown on Saturday) is arguably one of the very most important elements of Judaism.  It is a time of rest and of celebration, of reflection and prayer.
Please see the following link for more information about Shabbat and customs within the Reform Movement: