Ryan Lipton and Team Israel’s Mitzvah

A few weeks ago one of our incredible lifeguards left us for two weeks to compete in the U19 Women’s World Lacrosse Championships in Peterborough, Ontario. Ryan represented Team Israel in the competition, but it was what her and her teammates did off the field that truly stood out.

After playing Team Kenya in the torrential rain and winning 13-4, some members of team Israel noticed that Team Kenya were slipping and falling because they didn’t have cleats, and felt they had to do something. “We felt as if these girls deserved the same opportunities as we did both on and off the field, and decided to take action.”

The team all pitched in to get the girls from Kenya brand new cleats from a local sports shop. The difference it made was noticeable immediately, when Team Israel played Team Kenya in a rematch and won by just one goal. Both teams came together afterward to celebrate, as Ryan put it “it was just really heartwarming to make a difference in these girls lives, put a smile on their face, and make lasting friendships that span over continents – we still whatsapp!”