Israel Day

In keeping with the spirit of Israel day, everyone arrived in camp in blue and white. Each bunk made a collage poster of photos of the city in Israel that their group is named after, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Modi’in, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Lod, Eilat and Golan.  They also colored in flags of Israel and made Stars of David with popsicle sticks. The campers experienced Israeli dance, Israeli aerobics, and even played a special Israeli freeze dance! 

In addition, the campers went through “boot camp” with our very own Roi, a former Commander from the IDF (Israel Defense Force).  They learned how to march and crawl low to the ground, trudged through a challenging obstacle course and did jumping jacks and push-ups.  Roi used some Hebrew words of encouragement with them, too!

In cooking, each group made delicious date drop cookies made with dates from Israel.  In music, they sang Israeli songs.  Happy Israel Day!