Faces at Camp Pinebrook Feature: Makhel and Gilly from the Haifa Hawks!

Athletic, bubbly, and full of both enthusiasm and genuine kindness, Haifa Hawks counselors Makhel and Gilly are our feature faces this week.

Here are a few fun facts to learn about our beloved Hawks:

  • Congratulations are in order for these recent high school grads and rising college freshmen! Makhel will begin studying child psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh and Gilly will begin actuarial studies at Queens College

  • No wonder our campers love playing sports with these two! Makhel spent the last three years teaching at a basketball camp and Gilly ran Varsity Track in high school.  She will be running for Queens College and Makhel will be playing basketball at Plattsburgh.

  • Ask these two about a favorite Camp Pinebrook memory and you’ll join in their laughter as they describe the hilarious moment an unnamed Haifa Hawk asked in desperation for help removing the fudge from his fudgsicle.

  • Should the opportunity ever arise for dinner with a musician, Makhel would love to dine on steak and mashed potatoes with Michael Jackson while Gilly would choose Thai food with David Bowie.