Season of Gratitude


In Judaism, gratitude is a very important value.  Hodayah is the Hebrew word for gratitude. In our faith tradition, the focus is on being mindful and appreciative of life and the world around us.  Our children have an innate gift of being awed by simple beauties in nature, like the stars in the sky or leafs on a tree.  Personally, I am grateful for the silly moments when my boys start giggling and smile, especially when it leads to a hug and kiss.  So often, simple values like gratitude are forgotten or overlooked. 

At Camp Pinebrook our summer infuses values like gratitude (hodayah). Our community and activities also focus on Jewish values of community (kehillah), teamwork (shutafut), respect (kavod), encouragement (edud) and compassion (rachamim).  These values guide camp life.  Being Jewish is about how we live each day. We infuse these principles into how camp functions: at lunch there may be a skit, or in art campers may focus on a value for inspiration.  But most importantly being a mensch (Being an ethical and decent human being) will be taught, discussed, and experienced in how we treat one another at camp.

Camp Pinebrook hopes that your Thanksgiving is filled with blessings and gratitude!

Meet Our Unit Head, Tori

We are excited to Welcome Tori Malin, Camp Pinebrook Unit Head!

During the school year Tori is a Kindergarten Teacher in Brooklyn and has previously worked as a 2’s teacher at her local synagogue’s Preschool. Tori has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in Early Childhood Education (birth to 8 years old) and is currently working to complete her master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education at CUNY Hunter College. Tori holds teacher certifications in both New York and Maryland.

Tori has been a life-long camper. She attended day camp from ages 4 to 13 and was a counselor every summer thereafter (she loves camp!). She adores playing with campers and helping them to reach different goals whether at school or at camp. Tori is thrilled to help guide campers on their journey as they explore the world around them! Tori enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Tori-Malin-Staff Pic.jpg