Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Lunch at Camp Pinebrook is served individually packaged with seating done by bunk. We have a vegetarian friendly lunch 3 days a week including a rotation of pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and macaroni & cheese.

Two days a week we serve a meat lunch including a rotation of barbecued chicken, chicken fingers, hamburgers and hot dogs. Every lunch includes vegetables and fruit as part of the meal. In addition, all lunches include an optional salad bar, noodles in olive oil, and sunflower and jelly sandwiches.

Camp Pinebrook has an allergy friendly menu and with our onsite chef we are always able to accommodate the needs of campers with food allergies

Snacks are available in the morning and afternoon, and whenever a camper would like some fruit or something light, like graham crackers or fruit snack.


  Yogurt with granola and berries

Health & Safety

Camp Pinebrook is a nut and peanut aware facility. We have certified healthcare personnel on site who will make sure that all food prepared for your child meets their health needs.

Camp Pinebrook’s Health Center is staffed by a Registered Nurse. We have staff members trained in first aid and CPR. Our facility is equipped with a health center that is staffed 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.