Welcoming Israeli Staff Members to Camp Pinebrook

Camp Pinebrook is excited to welcome four Israeli staff members this summer, as partners with The Jewish Agency for Israel. It is a wonderful experience for campers and staff
to work with Israeli young adults, who have completed their military service. Every summer, thousands of Israelis come and work at Jewish summer camps, bringing Israeli culture, Hebrew, and a love for Judaism to our community. It is a great way for campers and their families to connect to modern-day Israel. We had shlichim (Israeli staff) pre-COVID pandemic and this was a great addition to our staff and programs.
Another positive experience related to this program is that members of the congregation and community house (home hospitality) these young adults. It is a great way to get to know them, welcome them to family meals, and support their experience in America. And Camp Pinebrook needs your help! Laurie Dubner will be coordinating housing for summer 2022. If interested please email her, LaurieEDubner@gmail.com

A family can host 1 or 2 Israeli staff members, for 2-10 weeks
(what works best for you). You should have a bedroom (that can be shared if you have 2 staff members). The family provides breakfast and dinner during the week. Weekends are flexible, depending on whether the staff members want to do their own thing or spend time with the host family. If the hosts can provide transportation to camp, it would be helpful but not required.

2022 dates are June 27-August 19. Anyone in the community can host if you have the space available (Temple Israel members, camp families, or anyone in the larger Jewish community).

Thank you for supporting Camp Pinebrook,
Rabbi Jesse
Camp Pinebrook Director