Setting the Tone for the Day

Summer Camp chalkboard

Maybe you’ve heard your kids humming or singing “Am I awake? Am I prepared?” after their fun-filled day at camp?  

We start every day at Camp Pinebrook with our whole community Boker Tov.  Children are seated with their bunks on the soft pine benches in our newly constructed amphitheater, and together we begin each morning singing Noah Aronson’s “Am I Awake” along with the guitar accompaniment from our song leaders Chloe and Janet.

Aronson’s lyrics (see below) offer an opportunity for our campers to center themselves and truly be present as they start their day.  The words themselves remind all of us to pause and take stock of where we are before setting off on a next adventure.



Am I awake?

Am I prepared?

Are you listening to my prayer?

Can you hear my voice?

Can you understand?

Am I awake?

Am I prepared?


*by Noah Aronson, NoahAronsonMusic ©2006


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