Faces of Camp Pinebrook Feature: Introducing the Counselors for the Tel Aviv Tigers and the Jerusalem Jaguars!

ROAR!  Our youngest campers are in the Tel Aviv Tigers and Jerusalem Jaguars, staffed by Chloe, Natalie, and Jenny (TT) and by Hannah and Lucas (JJ).  Here are some fun facts about these caring counselors:

  • All of our counselors are students when Camp Pinebrook is not in session:

    • Chloe is a Political Science major at Boston College

    • Natalie, a rising senior at Muhlenberg College, is studying Sustainability and Philosophy.

    • Jenny is a rising junior at Mt. Vernon High School and a cheerleader.

    • Hannah is a rising senior at Goucher College and studying Anthropology and History.

    • Lucas is studying Political Science at SUNY Albany.

  • Camp Pinebrook’s resident guitar player and music instructor, Chloe loved teaching campers this summer to sing Joni Mitchell’s classic “Circle Game.”

  • Natalie was an avid camper herself and especially loved celebrating July 4th with our campers this summer at Camp Pinebrook.

  • Helping out with both the Tigers and Jaguars, Jenny is especially excited to see all of the progress every single camper has made in swim.

  • Hannah loved all of our theme days, and she was especially excited about the Camp Pinebrook Time Machine and seeing how happy and excited her beloved Jaguars were.

  • In addition to staffing our Jaguars, Lucas is our Camp Pinebrook kickboxing expert and instructs all levels of campers.

And, finally, here are our counselors’ answers to our favorite random question: “if you could have dinner with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you eat?”

  • Chloe — Sushi with Bruce Springsteen

  • Natalie — Italian with Ed Sheerhan

  • Jenny — Pizza with Selena

  • Hannah — Alligator or Ostrich with Lorde