Faces of Camp Pinebrook Feature: Introducing Jake + Hallie of the Be’er Sheva Bears!

Our oldest campers this summer belong to the Be’er Sheva Bears, and they are led by a dynamic duo, counselors Jake and Hallie.  Your children start every day with a warm hug or enthusiastic high five from Jake and Hallie, and they in turn love spending their days doing everything from swim to distributing fruitcicles with their campers.  Here are some fun facts to know about Jake and Hallie!

  • Creative and enthusiastic counselors, Jake and Hallie are known for leading their Be’er Sheva Bears in an elaborate call and response.  Try asking your camper “shark bait” and see how he/she responds…

  • New Rochelle natives, both Jake and Hallie grew up here in New Ro and graduated from NRHS.

  • Jake trades his Bears allegiance for Huskies once the summer is over.  A rising sophomore at UConn, Jake is enjoying college and considering declaring a major in psychology

  • Hallie is also a college student, and she is about to begin her studies at Elon University in North Carolina where she will start studying communications.

  • Both Jake and Hallie are athletes — Jake played varsity tennis and Hallie is a trained dancer with 14 years of experience and a preference for modern dance.

  • Should the opportunity to dine with a famous musician arise, Hallie would go for Thai food with Bruno Mars and Jake would opt for gluten free waffles with his favorite Australian pop singer, Troye Sivan.


Highlight Reel, Week V

Time is flying by at Camp Pinebrook!  As we conclude our fifth week of the summer, a week focused on the CP Core Value of Respect, we’d like to share a few highlights for the week:

  • Camp Pinebrook Time Machine!  Every morning this week after gathering for Boker Tov, campers were enthralled by a visit from our time machine!  Stops included a visit to the 1960s (tied to our Tye Dye Event), a look at dinosaurs in the Jurassic Age, a chance to go jousting in the Medieval Times, and a glimpse into what is to come with a visit to the future!
  • Sports!  Our CP team is always thinking of new and exciting sports (in addition to campers faves such as gaga and soccer).  This week we tried Pillow Polo — akin to hockey with a pillow for a puck!
  • Art! When our Camp Pinebrook Time Machine deposited us in the future, we had the best reason to create space mobiles in art.

Value of the Week: RESPECT

As we are concluding week five, we at Camp Pinebrook have been focused on our weekly value: respect.  All week long, counselors and staff have been emphasizing the importance of showing honor, admiration, and regard for others.  Campers have been exploring ways to demonstrate respect, whether it be for one another in their bunks, to the counselors and other support staff, and at home with their families.

This Friday the Values Olympics will be focused on respect, and we are looking forward to seeing the ways in which our creative campers demonstrate this core value as they participate in activities and exercises.

 After our Olympics, we will gather as a community for our weekly Oneg Shabbat.  Together with the clergy from Temple Israel of New Rochelle, Camp Pinebrook campers and staff will make traditional blessings for candles, challah, and grape juice and sing songs welcoming the Sabbath.  Rabbi Jesse’s d’var Torah will be centered on the theme of respect and together as a community we will enjoy snacks and more songs.  Shabbat Shalom!