Frequently Asked Questions

How does Camp Pinebrook deal with food allergies? 

Camp Pinebrook is nut and peanut aware facility.  We also have a registered nurse at camp and allergy specialist who will make sure that all food prepared for your child meets their health needs. 

What is offered for lunch? 

Lunch is served family style to each table.  We have a vegetarian/warm dairy lunch 3 days a week including a rotation of pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and macaroni & cheese.  2 days a week we serve a meat lunch including a rotation of barbecued chicken, chicken fingers, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Every lunch includes vegetables and fruit as part of the meal.  All meat served is kosher.  In addition, all lunches includes an optional salad bar, noodles in olive oil, and sunflower and jelly sandwiches.  Snacks are available in the morning and afternoon, and whenever a camper would like some fruit or something light like graham crackers or fruit snack.

What activities will be offered at Camp Pinebrook? 

Every day campers have sports, arts and crafts, swimming lessons, and free swim.  In addition, campers regularly participate in nature, science and discovery, music, drama, cooking, tumbling, and group free-time.  There are eight 45-minute periods, called chug/chugim, each day.

Is there air-conditioned spaces for campers to cool-down? 

Lunch and some activities will take place inside. During inclement weather, all activities will take place within the main building.

What is Camp Pinebrook’s swimming program? 

All swimming instructors are lifeguard trained by the American Red Cross. We offer a 3 to 1 camper to instructor ratio. Our program begins with helping the camper enjoy being in the water, includes basic water safety skills, and focuses on stroke development.

What is the size of each group?  

Our cabins consist of 12-18 campers.  Each group will have a lead counselor and a counselor.  Larger groups will have a junior counselor as well.

What are the ages of counselors? 

Each bunk group will have a lead counselor who is either a full-time youth professional or parent. Our counselors are college-aged students, and junior counselors are high school students ages 16 and older.

How will my child get to camp? 

Camp Pinebrook offers door-to-door drop off and pick up.  We mainly use 20 passenger buses and 12-15 passenger vans.  Each bus will be operated by a trained and licensed driver, and there will be 1-2 Camp Pinebrook counselors on each bus.  All vehicles will have seat belts for every passenger.

Is Camp Pinebrook a Jewish camp? 

Yes, Camp Pinebrook has a mission to incorporate Judaism and Jewish values into our camp program.  We offer kosher style dining (with kosher meat), and have special Shabbat on Fridays.  Our camp is open to everyone, regardless of their religious background.  We are inclusive of interfaith families, and families still figuring out their connection to synagogue life and the Jewish community.  We also offer special discounts to members of Temple Israel and all members of the Union of Reform Judaism congregations.